Center for Development of Competition Policy and State Order of RANEPA

The Center was established in 2009 for training of highly skilled personnel by implementation of the main professional programs of advanced training, scientific training, professional retraining and R&D, expertise.

The center is a structural division of RANEPA and includes "Research on topical issues of competition policy and state procurement in Russian economy" laboratory and "Theory and Practice of Competition" department.

The main tasks of the Center are:

  1. Meeting needs of experts, including civil officials, for obtaining basic knowledge and professional skills, as well as knowledge on the best domestic and foreign practices in competition and state, municipal and corporate procurement management, by organizing and conducting programs of extended professional education, inter alia, by creation of a single space for continuous training:
    • - development and implementation of additional professional programs, inter allia, in cooperation with other branches of RANEPA and/or relevant entities, complying with the best Russian and world patterns and standards;
    • - development of remote and e-learning;
    • - organizing and holding public activities (fora, conferences, seminars, roundtables, teleconferences, video lectures, etc.);
    • - providing advanced training, particularly, in key areas:
      • Public, municipal and corporate procurement;
      • Public defense procurement;
      • State and antimonopoly regulation;
      • Pricing in procurement;
      • Application of the competition standard in Russian regions;
      • Public information system of housing and communal services;
      • All types of auction in Russia;
    We provide variable forms of education and programs and duration of courses.
  2. Implementation of basic and applied scientific research, expert analytical and consulting activity in competitive right and management of public, municipal and corporate procurement;
  3. Developing proposals on public policy for infrastructure, developing recommendations for Russian public authorities on strategic and tactical (operational) management of specified industries, developing methodological tools for specified management, scientific expertise on relevant legal and regulatory drafts and acts and decision drafts of public authorities;
  4. Implementation of scientific research, inter allia through:
    • - scientific reports, articles, monographs, presentations at scientific seminars and conferences, organization of self-generated activities;
    • - application of research results in educational process
    • - elaboration of teaching materials via involving in research and practical work of expert teachers.
  5. Participation in national system of expertise assessment, creation of an accumulative system of continuing education, through the implementation of additional professional education programs in the master's and MBA programs of RANEPA.


Classes are conducted by leading experts of RANEPA and other top universities  in procuremnet, officials, expert specialists of largest corporations as well as procurement practicing experts. We brought together top specialists in procurement.

 Form of education and classes

 Training is conducted full-time, full time e-learning, distance, part-time education (evenings), and includes lectures, colloquiums, simulation games an practical training.

Training benefits:

Methodical, informational and consulting support for listeners throughout training and after graduation via informational and educational website of Academy ( Individual approach to every trainee.

Center’s unique proposition are professional retraining programs with culmination in certification as:

  • Master Speciality of the Procurement (Master Speciality of the Procurement program);
  • Procurement Expert (Procurement Management program);
  • Procurement Specialist ("Management and Control in Procurement. Practice of application" program).

Continuing education and professional retraining programs in procurement comply with professional standards in procurement, Methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, as of March 12, 2015.

The branch network of Academy allows implementing educational programs throughout the Russian Federation.

Corporate training

Our Center develops corporate training programs taking into account priorities and specifics of Customer’s activity and individual approach to education:

  • elaborating training program in compliance with Customer’s request;
  • elaborating and including in the program master classes by leading experts in public and municipal procurement, competition, monitoring, audit and control on procurement;
  • identifying user-friendly format of training: full-time, distance, e-learning;
  • drawing up flexible training schedule allowing minimal distraction from job process.

For corporate training please contact deputy director of Center – Mrs. Oksana Scherbakova: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applied scientific research, expert and consulting activity

Center’s "Research on topical issues of competition policy and public procurement in Russian economy" research laboratory performs R&D and provides consulting on professional competences.

By conducting R&D, we expand the limits of knowledge and implement them into business practice due to which laboratory staff brought out over 70 publications, including Russian Science Citation Index journals peer-reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission.


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